[Project SilverVR]

SilverVR is a small hobby project Yu and I are working on.
We are targeting VR platforms like Oculus Rift/Steam VR/Gear VR.

I’m a rendering engineer and working on AAA games graphics for many years.

However, this project’s focus is not on rendering quality at all. We want to make it fun and comfortable first. Everything is WIP, stay tune.



[Play test download] Currently, only Wave1-Wave4 are playable.



We don’t know what’s the VR controller looks like yet, just want to avoid the traditional control as much as we can.

Only one button required for playing this game,  Mouse LB or Xb controller A

Use your head rotation for aiming

the mouse rotation works, but it is just for debug purpose, Don’t use it to play the game, will feel uncomfortable.