[Tech Memo] Content Performance Profiler For Artists.

In game development,performance profiler is extremely helpful to optimize the game. but most Profiler is designed for programmers.

Actually artists(especially, shader/FX artists) need Profiler too.  unlike programmers who always want to find the reason behind of bad performance. What artists need is a tool which can verify their idea quickly,  if the performance doesn’t become good, then they go for another idea.

Obviously, Tools like pix can’t help them.

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[Tech Presentation] Baked Particle System

This is a new tech I added into our engine,  we call it “Baked Particle System”.

Not like traditional particle system which calculates everything on the fly, we have a pre-calculation stage (Baking).

In Baking stage, since we don’t need worry about CPU performance problem, we can do a bunch of stuffs that the real-time one can’t do.

After baking, we recording necessary information into vertex stream, playback it in runtime.

Here is a example video, for complex collision effects.

[demo video :Crazy bounce]

[demo video :Multi sprite Lighting]

Following is a PPT when I introduce the tech to my team internally, it give a briefing how the tech works,  I’d like to share it with you guys

PPT download

A brief on Pre-computed Particle system