[Training Presentation] Power PC CPU Cache

For current generation game console,  they  all chose PowerPC as CPU architecture.

Even PowerPC framework is more clear and understandable than x86, it’s still complex if you want to know everything.

Fortunately,for most cases, what we only need to know  is :CPU CACHE  

This is a presentation I did in our team internally,  it explain some terms and concepts:

  • Cache line
  • Cache Mapping(Set Associativity)
  • D-Cache/I-Cache,Cache Levels
  • Cache Eviction Policy (LRU/PLRU)
  • Cache Write Policy (No-Allocation/Write Through, Write-Allocation/WriteBack)
  • LHS etc
Target Audience:  Junior/Mid level Programmer

Click follow Image to see sliders .(http://portal.sliderocket.com/AOQDX/PowerPC-CPU-cache)